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michał małolepszy
My name is Michal Malolepszy. I draw since I’ve been a kid. Some people don’t call me an artist because I don’t have artistic education. Personally I think that you don’t need an education to realise your passions.

I started to evolve my style and technique when I studied at Wroclaw University of Technology. In fact not all of the lectures at the Management & Marketing specialization were interesting enough, so I had always a pencil and a piece of paper in my backpack. And to be honest I used them very often then.

Since I’ve remember I always loved details. I think that the world is built from the tiny little pieces that decide how everything around look like. That’s why I pay attention to the details in my works.

Through my drawings I try to describe the situations which I met in my everyday life. I think that things that happen around us are important enough to tell about it.

When I’m not drawing I usually fill my time with music as a DJ and producer at GENOM collective.

In the DRAWINGS section you will find scanned images of my works. If you are interested in buying one of my prints you can contact me by the form below.

Digital print is a final form of every drawing. Before printing all drawings are scanned and processed on the computer. The preparation includes adding brightness, contrast and color effects. All drawings are printed on acid free, 40% cotton, textured & highly light-resistant paper. Thanks to this paper properties, works keep their own hand-made nature. After the printing all copies are signed, stamped and sprayed with fixative to protect their surface.

From some time I also do some design work. You can watch it in these sections: LOGOS, POSTERS & FLYERS, COVERS.

Feel free to ask questions or simply write to me if you want to. Fill the form below:

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